Van Certification Instructions

  1. The transportation department will obtain driving records for all potential van drivers.
  2. If you have not had a BCII check and FBI check completed and ON file in your records during the last 12 months, schedule an appointment with Barb Pritschau, ext 1473, to complete one.
  3. View the video on the Brunswick Schools web site:
  4. Read and complete the workbook available on-line at
  5. Take the written test
  6. Complete the application
  7. Once these steps have been completed, you must complete a driver physical and submit a completed T-8 Form. This will be an annual requirement.
You will need to bring the written test and application with you when you come to the transportation office.
Please communicate with Elaine at ext 1227 and let her know when you have completed the above so we can ensure nothing gets missed. On the scheduled date, we will work with you on the pre-trip inspection and on-road evaluation.