Scene 75 Student Athlete of the Week

In an effort to showcase the tremendous student athletes we have in our Brunswick community, we have started a “Student Athlete of the Week” program which highlights student athletes each week. The Athletic Department will recognize one female and one male varsity student athlete as the “Scene 75 Student Athlete of the Week”.

The program is made possible through a partnership with Scene 75 Entertainment Center!

Scene 75 is located in Brunswick, OH. For more information about Scene 75 please visit their website at

Thank you to Scene 75 of Brunswick for their support of Brunswick Blue Devil Athletics! Go Big Blue!

Please click on links below to see our past winners

Hannah Beal, So. (Volleyball)
Kaiyana Simmons, Sr. (Cheerleading)
Madilyn Gaydos, Sr. (Girls Tennis)
Alexa Mackey, Jr. (Girls Soccer)
Clay Greiner, Jr. (Boys Golf)
Morgan Briley, Sr. (Girls Golf)
Jake Scherette, Jr. (Football)
Peyton Lemmer, Sr. (Volleyball)
Justin Hagler, Sr. (Soccer & Football)
Caylee Jozefov, Sr. (Girls Soccer)
Carter Almady, Sr. (Boys Cross Country)
Emily Bardwell, Sr. (Girls Cross Country)
Ashton Frietchen, Sr. (Girls Tennis)
Cody Merrill, Sr. (Boys Golf)
Madison Perdue, So. (Girls Golf)
Alex Heilbrun, So. (Boys Golf)
Grace Varner, Sr. (Cheerleading)
Jordyn Wickes, Jr. (Girls Soccer)
Gavyn Ernst, Jr. (Boys Soccer)
Teo Iovi, Fr. (Girls Cross Country)
Kyle Scherette, Jr. (Football)
Calista Bobula, So. (Girls Tennis & Girls Soccer)
Evan Jarold, So. (Boys Cross Country)
Madison Lindsey, So. (Girls Volleyball)
Ally Kovach, Sr. (Girls Bowling)
Trevor Mackey, Sr. (Boys Basketball)
Lily Kijek, Sr. (Girls Swimming)
Marissa Cohen, Sr. (Cheerleading)
Mico Miloradovic, Sr. (Wrestling)
Jordan Truelsch, So. (Girls Swimming)
Jordyn Wickes, Jr. (Girls Basketball)
Anthony Costanzo, Sr. (Boys Bowling)
Lana Dakdouk, So. (Gymnastics)
Tre Massey, Jr. (Boys Basketball)
Emma Gray, Jr. (Gymnastics)
Eddie Sevastos, Sr. (Wrestling)
Gage Polojack, Sr. (Boys Swimming)
Amanda Mirt, Fr. (Gymnastics)
Kelsie Gaiser, Sr. (Girls Basketball)
Andrea Schieberl, Sr. (Cheerleading)
Sabrina Mason, Jr. (Girls Basketball)
Derek Fields, Jr. (Wrestling)
Madelyn Spurio, So. (Girls Bowling)
Jordyn Thomas, Jr. (Gymnastics)
Marquis Barnett, Jr. (Boys Basketball)
Elise Horton, So. (Girls Swimming)
Evan Sevastos, So. (Wrestling)
Alaina Timko, Fr. (Gymnastics)
Kyle Ruffner, Sr. (Boys Swimming)
Kaitlyn Fortuna, So. (Girls Bowling)