BAF Fundraisers

Support BHS Student Athletes
In All Their Sporting Endeavors.

See below for information regarding current & upcoming BAF-sponsored and team fundraisers for the 2019/2020 school year.

Please make sure to visit the BAF concession stand in the BHS East Cafeteria when attending any home volleyball, basketball or wrestling events.


Spirit Wear Sales!

A portion of your spirit wear purchases will go back to the team(s) listed below! Click on the links to visit each team’s own spirit wear store online. Don’t forget about our on-going initiatives, including the BHS SPIRIT STORE at the high school that supports BAF as well!

Items ordered will be received 3-4 weeks after the sale closes and will then be distributed to everyone who has placed an order.

Other BAF or Team-Specific Fundraisers!

Thursday, February 25th – Raising Cane’s (Strongsville location) from 4:00pm – 10:00pm

Thursday, March 11th – Jersey Mike’s – 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Thursday, March 25th – Raising Cane’s (Strongsville location) from 4:00pm – 10:00pm


Letter Jackets!

Order yours from Final Score Sporting Goods. A portion of sales from both of these establishments supports BAF and BHS athletes.  See: BRUNSWICK HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY LETTER JACKET flyer 2016


Spring 2021 – BAF Calendar Fundraiser

BAF is in the process of soliciting donations for our 3rd Annual Calendar Raffle Fundraiser in which ALL BHS athletic teams may participate.  Teams will sell the Calendar Raffle Sheets in March and the raffle winners will be drawn in April.  There will be a designated prize/prize package assigned to be given away each day in April…so 30 prizes and 30 winners.  Like in prior years, the Calendar Raffle Sheets that will be sold will be a full sheet of paper which will look like a 1 page calendar with the prize for each day denoted.  Each entry will be pre-numbered with the number printed on the actual calendar as well as on the tear off portion that will be turned back in so all entries can be properly accounted for.   

Please contact Niki Jamison ( if you would be willing to make a prize donation or have a contact at a business that you think may be interested in making a donation.  All donors will be recognized on the calendar in the “Thank you” section at the bottom of the calendar.  We are looking for all types of donations, gift cards/certificates for restaurants and retail establishments, gift cards/certificates for services (spa, hair, lawn, etc…) or discounted services, event tickets, sports memorabilia, etc… The better the prizes the easier it will be to sell the calendars and the more money we will be able to earn to support our athletic teams.

Spring 2020 – BAF Calendar Fundraiser

Our 2020 BAF Calendar Fundraiser which was originally scheduled for sales to take place in March and the drawings to occur in April was adjusted due to the COVID-19 outbreak and widespread closures which occurred.  Alternatively the calendar raffle entries were sold in June and the drawings took place in July.   We sincerely appreciated everyone’s understanding and patience as we navigated through this unprecedented situation. Winners were notified daily by email and posted weekly on our Facebook page.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks to everyone who supported this fundraiser!  Following are the winners and the name of the team that sold the ticket:

July 1 – Robin Serwatka #3071 (Football)
July 2 – Linda Gance #2724 (Cheer)
July 3 – Diane Eyssen #0400 (Baseball)
July 4 – Capri Blasco #0341 (Baseball)
July 5 – Dory Zemankek #923 (Softball)
July 6 – Lisa Dinger #2723 (Cheer)
July 7 – Jeff Morgan #3079(Football)
July 8 – Debbie Saris #2503 (Boys Golf)
July 9 – Michelle Vadini #3158 (Football)
July 10 – Margaret Bachie #1996 (Volleyball)
July 11 – Clara Kalal #1163 (Girls Lacrosse)
July 12 – Amy Sloan #1218 (Girls Lacrosse)
July 13 – Patti Vejdovek #3086 (Football)
July 14 – Carl Bartolone #3204 (Gymnastics)
July 15 – Jeffrey Palcisko #2179 (Football)
July 16 – Dan Mog #0267 (Baseball)
July 17 – Allen Jenkins Jr #0839 (Softball)
July 18 – Andrea Lemmer #2291 (Boys Golf)
July 19 – Ashley Ludwig #2665 (Cheer)
July 20 – Kelly Barber #0188 – Baseball
July 21 – Jamie Varga #1179 – Girls Lacross
July 22 – Tracy Foltz #1400 – Boys Lacrosse
July 23 – Liz Keefer #1571 – Boys Lacrosse
July 24 – Jennifer Turski #2013 – Volleyball
July 25 – Joe Leanza #3234 – Gymnastics
July 26 – Jeremy Pupkiewicz #1125 – Girls Lacrosse
July 27 – Jennifer Nitschke #2743 (Cheer)
July 28 – Mike Bottger #0017 (Baseball)
July 29 – Mary Week #1380 (Boys Lacrosse)
July 30 – Michelle Williamson #2136 (Volleyball)
July 31 – Christy Bellavia #4210 (Girls Basketball)



Fall 2019 – 3rd Annual BAF Golf Outing

Thanks to everyone who played in our 3rd Annual BAF Golf Outing on September 15th and/or purchased Ball Drop raffle tickets.

Winners on the day were as follows:

  • 1st Place – O’Malley foursome
  • 2nd Place – Andy Gray foursome
  • 3rd Place – Chad Thompson foursome
  • Closest to the Pin #3 – Ryan Chapman
  • Closest to the Pin #11 – Jim Hughey
  • Longest Putt #18 – Bobby Johnston
  • Longest Drive # 4 – Andy Gray
  • Door Prizes – Jeff Brown, Sherri Erickson
  • Basket – Chris Richardson

Ball Drop – No balls actually went into the hole.  Ball #53 was the closest to the hole.  The following 4 people won $250 as they had purchased ball #53

  • Pool A – Yellow – Dale Guwdlach
  • Pool B – Blue – Cheryl Chang
  • Pool C – Salmon – Lisa Dinger
  • Pool D – Lilac – Rhonda McClelland

Thank you to the following individuals and businesses for their sponsorships.

Corporate Sponsor – Johnny Malloy’s & Geppettos – 1038 North Court St. in Medina

Hole Sponsors

  • BHS Girls Basketball team family
  • Dave & Kim Goessler
  • John Justice, BHS Athletic Director
  • Mapleside Farms
  • MPG Architects
  • ODE Family Foundation
  • Terry Family

Family Sponsors

  • A BHS Girls Lacrosse Family
  • Castrigano Family
  • Gawell Family
  • Goessler Family
  • Griffin Family
  • Justice Family
  • Vrsansky Family

Donor Sponsors

  • Dairy Queen Brunswick
  • Glen-Gerry
  • Key Profits
  • The Thomas Brick Company

Spring 2019 BAF Calendar Raffle Results and Thank You’s!

Thanks to everyone who purchased a BAF Calendar Raffle entry and thank you for supporting our athletic teams. Congratulations to the following winners of the prizes in the BAF Calendar Raffle.  All winners have been notified and the team that sold the winning entry is listed in parentheses below.

April 1: Christine Stasik #1809 (Cheerleading)
April 2: Colleen Reshni #0976 (Boys Lacrosse)
April 3: George Erasmus #1494 (Football)
April 4: Lisa Bioxsom #2409 (Softball)
April 5: Piorkowski #0574 (Boys Lacrosse)
April 6: Rick Barber #3407 (Boys Golf)
April 7: Jerry Kocevar #0657 (Boys Lacrosse)

April 8: Gloria Stafanko #2102 (Softball)
April 9: Beverly Mauch #0071 (Baseball)
April 10: Lisa Wagoner #1356 (Track)
April 11: Kaylee Durken #2753 (Girls Lacrosse)
April 12: John Herbst #2005 (Softball)
April 13: Mike Abella #0100 (Baseball)
April 14: Juan Rivera #3587 (Girls Volleyball)

April 15: Ken Symanski #2666 (Softball)
April 16: Poola Bonaanni #1375 (Track)
April 17: Linda Hrapko #2719 (Softball)
April 18: Diane Helman #1098 (Track)
April 19: Piorkowski #0580 (Boys Lacrosse)
April 20: Diane Helman #1099 (Track)
April 21: Mike Lignos #1558 (Football)

April 22: Karen Berendsen #3261 (Girls Soccer)
April 23: Kim Yedlck #0515 (Lacrosse)
April 24: Chelsea Sarkauskas #3099 (Volleyball)
April 25: Jeff Briggs #2033 (Softball)
April 26: Gina Lorenzo #2383 (Softball)
April 27: Lisa Kaminski #2583 (Softball)
April 28: Centria Tucker #2204 (Softball)
April 29: Michelle Wonkovich #2669 (Softball)

April 30: Matt Ziemba #1212 (Track)
Grand Prize: Alexandria Eubank #0862 (Boys Lacrosse)

Thank you to the following businesses for their support and donation to the BAF Calendar Raffle.

African Safari Wildlife Park
Akron Zoo
Brent Durken Photography
Brunswick Recreation Center
Christine’s Gourmet Chocolates
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Cavaliers
Columbia Hills Golf
Comfort Suites Brunswick
Coppertop Golf
Countryside Florist
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Dr. Nicole Miklos
Lauri Mackey, Edwards Jones Investments
Elite Cakes and Catering
Elite Dance Academy
Great Room Escape
Hickory Ridge Cinema
Inflatable Images
Johnny Malloy’s
Kelly Leigh Photography
Key Profits
Lake Erie Monsters
Mr. Hero
Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc
Prestige Photography
Sky Zone
Swings and Things
Swish 365