Blue Devil Award

The Blue Devil Award will be presented to the student-athlete chosen from the pool of nominees, that exemplifies what a student-athlete is really about. This athlete shows dedication to his/her academics and sport. The athlete that receives the Blue Devil Award is an individual that always gives 100%, no matter what the situation is, and always exhibits great sportsmanship to players and teams, while also being a great role model in our community.

Each coach was asked to nominate one athlete, and submit why they think they deserve to be the Blue Devil Award winner. All names, class ranking, and gender were taken out of the responses. These responses were sent out to all coaches, and administrators at the High School. When the votes were tallied, we arrived at a winner.


Fall – Ryan Utrup (Boys Soccer)

Winter  – TBD

Spring – TBD


Fall – Ashli Holden (Volleyball)

Winter  – Kalee Montgomery (Cheerleading)

Spring – Gabrielle Campbell (Softball)


Fall – Luke Steinkamp (Boys Soccer)

Winter – Hannah Burk (Gymnastics)

Spring – Rebecca Craddock (Girls Track & Field)


Fall – Vanessa Pasadyn (Girls Cross Country)

Winter – Pavlos Sisamis (Boys Swimming and Diving)

Spring – Molly McGinnis (Girls Lacrosse)