BAF Membership

Together, We Can Support All Brunswick High School Athletic Programs!

BAF membership

The Brunswick Athletic Foundation is looking forward to another exciting year of athletics at Brunswick High School.  Our 2018/2019 Membership benefits are structured to allow you to customize or “BUILD” your BAF membership package to meet the individual needs of your family or make a tax deductible donation and be recognized as a Blue Devil Club Donor. Choose the level right that is right for you:

  • “Build” your BAF Membership
    Includes voting rights, discounted passes, and invites to “members only” events.
  • Blue Devil Club
    Donor-level recognition, no voting rights, discounted passes.
  • Non-Members
    Can purchase VIP football seats, parking passes, and all sports passes at full price.

Click on the following link for all the details.

You may purchase BAF memberships & become a Blue Devil Club Donor along and purchase Football VIP seat & sports passes online* at

*Credit Cards and eChecks accepted. Small convenience fee applies. If you would prefer to pay via a regular check to avoid the convenience fee, you may register online using the link above and choose the “Cash or Check” option on the payment screen. Then, simply mail your check and a copy of your email registration receipt to Brunswick Athletic Foundation, P.O. Box 402, Brunswick, OH 44212

OR… you may purchase using the paper order form:


Last year, if you purchased All Sports Passes, please discard your old passes as they will no longer be valid.  New ones for 2018/19 Can be purchased at $85 each (limit 2) for BAF members and Blue Devil Club Donors. Nonmembers/Non-donors can buy All Sports Passes at $110 each. If your student primarily used your All Sports Pass last year, you may want to consider purchasing a Student Athletic Pass this year instead.  The cost of a Student Athletic Pass is just $50.


8/7/18 CANCELLED (Sorry! Passes are not in from the vendor yet. We apologize for the inconvenience!)

8/11/18 Brunswick AutoMart Stadium 9:45 – 11:15AM (football scrimmage)

8/13/18 Brunswick AutoMart Stadium 5:30 – 7:30 PM (girls soccer scrimmage)

8/14/18 Brunswick AutoMart Stadium 6:30 – 8:30 PM (boys soccer scrimmage)

8/20/18 BHS East Entrance Hallway (Open House)