Blue Devils News · BCSD Athletics Update Regarding Athletic Facility Reopening

On May 22nd, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, along with an amended order from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) announced that K-12 schools may begin to open school athletic facilities following state guidance, and implementation of proper procedures and protocols.  The Brunswick High School Athletic Department with guidance from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Services, NFHS, OHSAA, and the Medina County Health Department have created a plan for the reopening of athletic facilities at Brunswick High School.


Are we reopening our athletic facilities?

  • Yes.  The Medina County Health Department approved the district plans to reopen our athletic facilities.


What will the reopening look like:

  • The reopening of athletic facilities across the state is to be conducted in three phases.  Phase One and Phase Two are each to last 14 calendar days before progressing to the next phase (please remember that this continues to be a fluid situation and these dates are subject to change).


What do I need to know for Phase One?

  • Small group “pods” of no more than 10 for both indoor and outdoor activities must be observed.  For outdoor activities (i.e. on the turf), multiple small group “pods” are possible while only one “pod” will be permitted indoors at one time.  Athletes will be expected to maintain 6 ft. of social distancing.
  • Most sports are limited to conditioning/skill work (coaches will be able to provide more detail about what is permitted by sport at this time).
  • All athletes must be screened upon arrival daily which will include a the following:
    • Symptom Check; athletes will be asked if they have any of the following symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, contact within the past 14 days with someone confirmed to have COVID-19).
      • Any athlete with an above listed symptom will not be permitted to enter the activity, and will have a parent/guardian contacted.  A return to play authorization from a physician must be received before an athlete may return to any participation.
    • Temperature Check:
      • Any athlete with a temperature above 99.6 will not be permitted to enter the training, and will have a parent/guardian contacted.  A return to play authorization from a physician must be received before an athlete may return to any participation.
    • Hydration Check:
      • All athletes must bring their own water/fluids.  Athletes who do not come with adequate water/fluids will not be permitted to participate and sent home.  There will be no common water stations and no sharing of water bottles.
  • All athletic locker rooms are closed.
  • Restrooms will also be closed unless of an emergency.
  • Athletes may arrive no more than 10 minutes before and must depart within 10 minutes after the scheduled activity.
  • Masks:
    • Coaches will wear masks at all times.
    • Athletes must wear masks to and from athletic facilities.  Athletes will be permitted to remove masks during physical activity (note: athletes will be required to wear a mask in the training room when being seen by an athletic trainer unless participating in activity that the ATC gives permission to remove the mask).
  • Athletes will not be permitted to share equipment.
  • Only athletes participating in the conditioning/skill work will be permitted in the facility (fans, parents, etc. are not permitted in the athletic facility).
  • Coaches will share more specific detail regarding sport specific and/or facility specific requirements as they pertain to their sport.


Facilities that are reopening in Phase One:

  • Athletic Training Rooms
  • Baseball/Softball Fields
  • Brunswick Auto Mart Stadium (bleachers remain closed)/Auxiliary Fields
  • East Gymnasium

At this time, these facilities are only being opened to Brunswick High School athletics programs.


Facilities that will remain closed in Phase One:

  • Wrestling Room (prior planned cleaning and painting is currently underway)
  • Weightroom (the weightroom will reopen in Phase Two)
  • West Gymnasium


What will be different in Phase Two & Phase Three?

  • Athletes can expect Phase Two to be similar to Phase One with some lessened restrictions.  More details will be shared as we progress towards these phases.


What students are permitted to participate in our athletic activities this summer?

  • Students entering grades 9-12 for the 2020-2021 school year are permitted to participate.
  • If participation in athletic programming opens to middle school aged students later in the summer, that will be communicated at that time.


How do I know if my sport is returning to conditioning/skills?

  • Coaches will individually be reaching out to their programs to let them know what summer programming will be for their sport.


Do I need to have Final Forms complete to participate in the summer?

  • YES!  Due to the COVID-19 situation, it is imperative that we have accurate emergency contact information.
  • Physicals that are expired (or expire over the summer), should be turned in and verified by the first official day of practice (August 1st for fall sports).  See below for information on physicals that was previously sent out.


Have fall sports been postponed?

  • No.  Fall sports have not been postponed at this time.  The OHSAA is “planning” for the “possibility” of changes to fall sports, but they are doing this so they are prepared if that were to be the case.  Currently, fall sports are on as scheduled; the first official day of fall sports tryouts/practice is August 1st.  We will have communication in June regarding tryout/practice information.


What is the status of academic eligibility for the fall season?

  • On May 28th, the OHSAA announced that the scholarship bylaw would be waived for the first grading period of the 2020-2021 school year and all students grades 7-12 will be considered academically eligible for the start of fall sports.  This exception is being made due to the COVID-19 pandemic that drastically altered the grading practices of school districts across the state during the fourth grading period of the 2019-2020 school year.  Please note, scholarship bylaw will be in effect for the second grading period and all student athletes will be required to pass 5 one-credit hour courses in the first grading period to maintain their academic eligibility for the second grading period.


What is the status of BHS Youth Sports Camps?

  • At this time, all camps are still scheduled for the month of July, however the coaches for each program and athletic department will likely make a decision near the end of June as to if youth summer camps will be able to be held in the summer of 2020.  Information on youth summer camps can be found at

Thank you for your continued patience and support through this very difficult and unprecedented time.  Please know that this continues to be a very fluid situation and we expect changes to be possible throughout the summer.  Changes will be communicated through either the head coaches or the athletic department.

Please contact Mr. Justice ( with questions regarding high school athletics or Mr. Braskie ( with questions regarding middle school athletics.

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