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Blue Devils News · Men in Tights: Senior Guy Dance

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by Meghan Mewhinney


BRUNSWICK, OH – What began with an era of the swing, the twist, and the jitterbug has evolved into the musical art form we know as dancing today.  After periods of Michael Jackson influence and ever changing styles, we now rest on a predominant change for dancing, as we know it.  What is this change? You may ask, the senior guys dance of 2015, featuring The Brunswick High School Dancing Devils paired with 20 lucky gentlemen.  This dance showcases the artistic talent of the dance team along with some cool moves by the boys.

Senior Eddie Pelka, said, “I am not much of a dancer so I personally think it is faster pace and will bring a good show,” when describing the dance.

The songs were chosen to please the crowd and to energize and excite the student section.  Many wait all year for these performances, as they always seem to be a crowd favorite.

Sophomore dancer Meagan Smith said, “It’s fun to be able to do something different and meet new people.  Plus the audience loves it.”

This dance strays away from the typical upbeat jazz dances the Dancing Devils do, and it gives them an opportunity to meet new people and teach their skills to others.  It is a fun way to wrap up the basketball season.

When asking senior Sean Magalski why he decided to take part in the dance he said, “I decided to take part in the dance because I know I am a beast at what I do [dancing], and I know how to bust a move pretty good.” When reflecting on the practices, he said, “Practice is rough.  I would compare it to football with Coach Luke BealAlex [Grabowski] made the dance so hard, so I kind of watch my partner do her thing and I follow along.”

Grabowski, the senior Dance Team Captain, said, “Although practices have gone well I’m most excited to have our first performance.  The guys are so involved in the routine and have been practicing at 110% making this the best year yet.  I really think the audience will enjoy the end result of our routine.”